Monday, June 1, 2015

Big Instagram Trade With Some Dude

Wow, it's been near a month since my last post. I guess time a really gotten away from me. I've been pretty busy with school just getting out and now I have been doing a lot running training for Cross Country. I haven't done many trades lately but just a couple on being with some due on Instagram that I totally forgot him name.

One card that I got was this really nice 2004 Topps Tribute Red Schoendienst relic. I'm trying to get more of just HOF cardinals cards now and not so much of the current player stuff because every time I get a bunch of a current Cardinals player it always seems that they get traded or get released.

Next I got myself another HOFer relic this one of Bob Gibson which is from 2007 Upper Deck SP legendary I really love the looks of this card and it's also #D/199 

I got myself another one of these Upper Deck Baseball Heros of Matt Holliday I now have 4 relic and 1 auto from this set. This one is #D/10 and is just a big purple patch.

I got relic from the Upper Deck Ballparks the top one is with Derek Lee, and the bottom on is a quad with Derek Lee, Aramis Ramirez, and Chris Duncan.

The last car is this trade was this sweet 2014 Topps Tribute Gold Relic #D out of only 15. This card look a lot cooler in person than what it does in this scan.

Sorry that I haven't posted in awhile. Now that summer is here I should have some more post comming up.

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