Wednesday, April 16, 2014

2013 Topps Triple Threads Matt Holliday Purple #D/650

Hello everyone, Andrew here. As you can tell I'm starting to post a lot more than I was. It's because I have been getting lucky and haven't had any homework in awhile, although they have been giving a ton of quizzes lately. I have at lease passed on all of them, so that's good.

OK so this is just another card that I got in my pretty big COMC package. This will be my second Triple threads parallel of Matt Holliday, I already have the green #/250.

 For some reason tho I don't have his base card form the set. I thought I did but I guess not, I will just have to pick up one when I can.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I'm in the hospital

Hello everyone I have stuff to post but that is hard to do when I am in the hospital. So I had to get my appendix took out it starting hurting really bad Tuesday went to my local hospital they got me all drugged up and then did a cat scan but they said that there was nothing wrong and that it wasn't my appendix and so they sent me home. The next day I was actually felling a lot better but it was about 10:30 and I starting to hurt so bad that I started crying and just wanted to scream so bad so then my mom took me to the next towns hospital when I got there they said that it was probably something with my appendix they took the cats scan and they said that it was ruptured so I had to get surgery about a hour later because they already had someone in getting the same thing done well I have been have been in the hospital for 4 days now and still am    now I know to never trust my local hospital ever again they have sent me home two time before this saying that there was nothing wrong but I always end up going somewhere else and there is always something wrong. So yeah guys that's how I'm doing  

2013 Topps Update SP Yadier Molina

Hello everyone, Andrew here. Today I have a 2013 Topps Update SP of Yadier Molina that I recently picked up for only $3. I think this about a $10 card so I think that I did pretty good picking this up for that price.

I don't usually pick up many SP cards, mostly because I never really thought much of them. They are not as good as they use to be like the "pie in the face".Some of them are cool (such as the playoff ones), but mostly they are starting to get boring and not worth the money unless of course Yadi or one of my player collection people.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

1955 Bowman Solly Hemus

Hello everyone Andrew here. I got a decent size package in the mail today that I got from COMC. About a week ago I got my money for playing there card challenges on there and ended up with a whole $12 to spend on any cards that I wanted to. I also had some extra money that I had on there because I didn't watch on how much money I spent and didn't have any left to ship the card. Luckily I had William to help me out on that.

In my package I bought 16 different vintage cards and 7 newer cards, most going to William. I will probably try to show off all the vintage cards that I got in different post and the newer stuff in one post.

Here it is the 1955 Bowman Solly Hemus. Hemus played short-stop, second base, and pinch hit.Career: 51 HR, .273 BA, and 273 RBI. He player with the St. Louis Cardinals for 9 year (1949-1955), 1956, 1959. From what baseball reference says he was only 5" 9". Hemus currently lives in Phoenix Arizona and is 90 years old.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

I WON A 5K!!!! and blog post #200!!!

Hello everyone, Andrew here. I ran a 5K this morning and you wouldn't be it, I actually won! I this 5K last year and won it to actually. I really love running these 5K's. It is just a awesome overall experience. Last year when I ran I got a 23:30 and this year I ran a 21:40 that is 1 min and 50 sec better than my overall record for me. They didn't have any pictures of me on any websites yet so I am just going to show you some pictures of my prizes.

I got this cool looking picture that says that I was the Top overall Male
 I also got this gift card to go out to eat to the following places. I know what I'm doing tomorrow!

 Oh, one last thing that I want want to say. This is also my 200th post for my blog! That is pretty exciting for me to. I have been blogging for just a little over 2 years now. I'm hoping to add more that soon and one day reach 1,000.

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Cool 1965 Bob Gibson

Hello everyone, Andrew here. I know that I haven't been posting as much in a week as I would like to, but I don't have a lot to post about to I have been posting every third day.

This post is about a Bob Gibson insert from 1965 that I got from my friend William, if I didn't mention in one of my other post William sent me a package last week that contained a couple vintage cards and a couple newer stuff in it. This is the last post about the stuff that Will got me.

This card is very cool looking and I had no idea that they made any inserts or cards with foil back then so seeing this card told me that they did.  I have started collecting a lot more vintage now, but just cardinals right now. I am trying to do a little challenge right now to get a least one Cardinal cards that are considered vintage 1880-1970 I would consider vintage.

Thanks will from the great card!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

1972 Topps Bob Gibson

Hello bloggers, Andrew here. I got me a 1972 Topps HOF'er Bob Gibson card from my really good friend, and trading partner William Regenthal. He sent a package a couple days ago with a couple of vintage and some newer stuff two, and this is one of the things that was in it.

Bob Gibson was introduced into the HOF in 1981 with 84% ballot vote. He is also a 8X All-Star, 9X Gold Glove, and has one MVP award.

Thanks William for the great card!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Yadier Molina RC

Hello everyone, Andrew here. I finally got a Yadier Molina RC. This is a big thanks to William of the blog I have been wanting a Yadier RC for awhile now, I mean they really are not cheap. I think there is one that is on COMC like mine that is at $8.

2004 First Bowman Year Yadier Molina

I thought that I would feed you guys with some information on Yadier

 Yadier has become the best catcher in the league. He has been with the Cardinals for 11 years now and has been doing amazing behind the plate stopping something like 48% of runners. He also has hit a .300+ BA for four year (2011-2013) and once in 2008, so yeah I would say without Yadier the Cardinals wouldn't be anywhere.

Thanks William for the card I really love it!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Some mail from William from awhile ago

Hello everyone, Andrew here I have some mail that William got me a couple weeks ago that I never got around to posting about so I thought that I would go ahead and post about it right now.

First off I have this 2013 Bowman chrome of Matt Holliday that I needed for my PC.

Last we have this 2014 Donruss of Albert Pujols I really really like these. It really doesn't bother me much that Panini doesn't have a license to put logos, but if they did I think that the cards would look even more beautiful

Thanks William for the card I always love getting them!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I have been shown the holy grail!!!

Hello everyone, Andrew here I have been doing a ton of organizing and stuff lately and not much posting, well the other day I had my good friend Weston over from the blog when he was over he ended up showing me a website that he found that hold a check list of every card made of I'm pretty much sure every player. I thought that I would share this site with you so you could check it out and copy and past it all into word or something and make a check list. Click HERE to go to the website.