Monday, December 15, 2014

First Christmas Present Of The Year

Hello everyone, I was able to open my very first Christmas present of the year from my very good friend Weston from the blog fantasticcatch. I'v know Weston since 5th grade and we have always gotten Christmas presents for each other since, but now that he has moved from where I live and lives 45 min away we went ahead and exchanged presents not knowing if we would be able to see each other next week or not.

The first card that I have to show off that I got from him is this 2013 Bowman Chrome blue wave refractor of Seth Maness. This card is so much more awesome in person than a scan of this card will over show.

Next, I got this 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Matt Holliday light blue relic #D/200. This will be a good addition to my Matt Holliday PC. I now have this relic and I already have the purple auto #D/5.

Last I got this 2013 Gypsy Queen Jon Jay relic. I was glade to add this with my Jon Jay auto that I just recently added to my Cardinals PC as well.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

2011 Topps Tribute Aroldis Chapman Auto Relic

Hello everyone, as I said yesterday I had one last card that I wanted to show off that I was able to pick off Comc for my Aroldis Chapman PC. This is a 2011 Topps Tribute auto relic green #D/75.

This card looks so sweet in person. I don't know how well I did on money wise buying this card. I paid $15 so I think that was a good price for this card.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

2012 Extra Elite Edition Seth Maness Die cut auto

Hello everyone, this is one of the last decent cards that I was able to get from my first package from Comc. The very last card that I bought was this 2012 Seth Maness auto #D/50.

This is one of my bigger pickups considering Maness doesn't have any other autos out there except just from this set. I was lucky enough to get the die cut version for only $2 when they sell for right around $15-$20 on eBay. I call that I steal.

I have one last card that I will show you tomorrow that I got from selling a card and putting the money on Comc right after I had my first package already sent.

Friday, December 12, 2014

2014 Bowman Inception Oscar Mercado auto

I was able to pick me up this 2014 Bowman Inception auto of Oscar Mercado. I really love Bowman Inception, I loved it when I first came out for baseball last year and I love it even more now.

Oscar Mercado was drafted in 2013 in the 2nd round and 57th overall. He is currently 19 years old and had only played in rookie ball league. I think that he will come to pan out to become a decent player once he get to be a little older and gets some more experience down in the minors.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Jon Jay auto

I was able to pick up my first ever Jon Jay auto that I have been eager to get for awhile now, but I have been just waiting for the right moment and the right price to show up to get one.

 I was able to find this one off COMC for $2 witch was the cheapest that I have seen one for. This card is from 2014 Panini Prizm, even tho Panini don't have their MLB licences I sill love how well they do with designing most of their cards and that was the case with this Jon Jay auto.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

New Matt Holliday Relics

During the black Friday I was able to find some great deals on some Matt Holliday relics for less than $2.50 each, witch is a great price.

First relic that I picked up was this 2011 Topps 60 relic. This is one that I have been wanting for awhile. Oh 2011 those where the good time, that's when I started collecting. I remember buying packs and packs for 2011 Topps trying to pull relic for retail hoping to pull this card, but that never happen
Next, I got this 2008 Upper Deck A Piece of History relic with a little pinstripe for only $1.25. I figured that this card would go great with my auto relic that I already have from this set.

Last I picked up this 2006 Upper Deck Artifacts with pinstripe and #D/250. I can't pass up a good deal on a relic and I deferentially can't pass up a good deal on relic that is #D and it's one I don't have.

So now I have 26 'hits' of Matt Holliday now. 2 auto relics, 3 autos, 20 relic, and 1 printing plate. I'm always looking to add more and more as much as I can.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

2014 Panini Immaculate auto Matt Carpenter

Hello everyone, I have been working hard at school to keep my grade at passing so that I don't have to take the end of the semester finals, which is why I haven't posted the last couple of days. Last week, which was Thanksgiving and Black Friday I was able to grab me a bunch of awesome cards that I will be showing off to you guys.

So during Black Friday I went to Comc as usual and I ran across this for a decent price and I jump right on in. This is the 2014 Panini Immaculate Matt Carpenter auto #D/49 and after seeing this I want me some more Immaculate now! This thing is a beauty.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

2013 Bowman Retail auto challenge

So looks like I'm going to keep on posting. I have started this new project that I figured it would be something fun, easy, but yet still hard. I'm going to try to put together the 2013 Bowman retail auto set. There are 25 autos in the set and for the most part they don't run over $5 for any of them, but there are two that do.

There are two auto's in the set that are going to cost a lot are the Byron Buxton and Carlos Correa. Shown below is the list of all 25 of the auto, as you can see I have 9 marked out already, those are ones that I already have. If you guys have any that you would be willing to me you can contact me at my new email

BPA-AM Anthony Meo
BPA-AW Aaron West
BPA-BB Byron Buxton
BPA-BL Barret Loux
BPA-BR Ben Rowen
BPA-CC Carlos Correa
BPA-CK Carson Kelly
BPA-CW Collin Wiles
BPA-DP Dane Phillips
BPA-DS Danny Salazar
BPA-JB Josh Bowman
BPA-JC Ji-Man Choi
BPA-JCA Jamie Callahan
BPA-JG Jeff Gelalich
BPA-JH Jesse Hahn
BPA-KD Khris Davis
BPA-KM Kurtis Muller
BPA-LL Lenny Linsky
BPA-MM Matt Magill
BPA-MMQ Mike McQuillan
BPA-MW Max White
BPA-OC Orlando Calixte
BPA-TG Tyler Gonzales
BPA-TR Tanner Rahier
BPA-TS Tayler Scott

Thanks for reading!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Does anyone even read this blog???? Thinking about shutting it down

Hello guys, time are slow around here. I know that I haven't posted in awhile or made a trade in awhile. I stopped posting because it appears that no one is even reading or commenting on any of my post, so why would I want to write more post if no one reads them. I might just quit this blog. comment down below if you ever read my blog and I might keep posting.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

So I'm told that I'm good at drawing

Hello everyone I guess that I may have just found something that I am actually somewhat good at for once in my life, and that wold be drawing.

Here is example of some of what I have done. I know not the best, but hey it is not bad. I'm maybe hoping that I could make a little money off these so I think that $5 shipped for each of  them seems like a fair price for the quality that they are in. Let me know what you think how my drawing are in all honesty. If there is a player that you would like me to draw for you just contact me at

Miguel Cabrera
Jose Altuve
Jose Abreu
Clayton Kershaw
Yadier Molina

Thanks for reading!