Sunday, July 20, 2014

1975 Topps Stolen Base Leaders Bill North and Lou Brock

I'm really sorry about my last post with all the really bad spelling and grammar and stuff, it was just that I was to busy to really take my time to go back and fix all of my mistakes.

Well, what I was really wanting to show off to you guys was this 1975 Topps Stolen Base Leaders of Bill North and Lou Brock that I got from William when he come over to visit.

In 1975 Bill North had 54 stolen bases for the American League, and Lou Brock had 118 stolen bases for the National League and was the all time stolen base leader. Dang 118 stolen bases, that's a lot.

Yes, this card may be a little beat up, but that is one thing that never really bothered me about older cards especially when you have a Cardinals hall of fame on the front of it.

Thanks for reading!

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