Friday, July 18, 2014

2013 Topps Mini Box Break Recap

As I said in my last post that me and William both busted boxes of 2013 Topps minis, so I will be showing you guys all of what I got in my box. (Everything you see that is not a Cardinal is for trade)\

My relic that I pulled out of the box was the Joey Votto, which is a pretty nice card, but I witched I would have pulled something a little better like. I know that this will at lease make some good trade bait from some Reds fans out there.

Next, you usually pull 6 of these chasing history insert cards, as you can see I only have 5 shown above because I pulled a Cal Ripkin Jr and gave it to William. I did pull some nice ones such as Ty Cobb, Yogi Berra, A-Rod, Yu Darvish, and Johan Santana. This is the only insert that they have in the minis.

I have yet again to pull another gold of a Cardinal, last time I pulled one of Yadier Molina. This time I pulled one of Daniel Descalso. The gold are #D/62. I think that this was the best pull out of my entire box. I wish that Daniel got a lot more playing time than what he dos, he is such a good defensive player.

(This card is in the process of possibly being traded)
Last, but not lease was my pink. Out of all of the player I could have got I has to get Ryan Raburn. Really? Well it sure was fun opening these, but I just wished that I would have done a little better on it.

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