Monday, July 21, 2014

New Additions To The Collection

I promise that this will be my last post about what I got from William from when he had come over to visit I bet that you guys are either getting tired or reading about it or just don't read it at all, but there was just so much to show that I didn't want to put it all in one post, so let me begin.

First, I got this really sweet Saber Stars insert from Topps series 2 of Matt Carpenter. I would really like to get more of these, if there are any more Cardinals.

Next, I got 5 of the Topps 'The Future is Now' inserts, three of Michael Wacha and two of Kolten Wong. My Michael Wacha's are starting to grow bigger now, which is really nice considering I haven't had to buy any of them.

After the Wacha's I got these two Albert Pujols that I needed for my player collection, I now currently have 264 Albert's now and have reached my 2014 goal of adding 50 new Albert's to my PC. I had 203 when I said I wanted to add 50 more, and now I have added a total of 61 new Albert's, I’d say that's pretty good, and heck I still have 5 more months to add even more.

Last, but not lease I got this 1982 Stan Musial 'Baseball Greatest Hitters'. I have been trying to add a lot more Cardinals HOF stuff to my collection lately, so this was definitely a nice add to my HOF stuff, and my Stan Musial's.

Thanks for reading!

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