Tuesday, May 6, 2014

3 Retail Jumbo Hanger Packs of 2014 Bowman-- Review

Hello everyone, Andrew here. I have some Bowman that I wanted to show off to you guys that I picked up last Sunday.

I looked everywhere for some Bowman when it first came out, but could not find it at the local Walmart that I always get my cards from, since I don't have a card shop need by, but I got lucky and out of all the places I found some at a local store that we have here. I went ahead and picked myself three hanger packs of it.

Ok, now to show off what all I got.

First thing that I pulled was this prospect auto of Tommy Murphy. He currently is in AA ball right now. He is a ok player from what I can see by looking at his stats. This was a pretty exciting pull for me considering that it came from retail, so pulling one is pretty rare.

 Next, I got this Chrome mini card of Corey Knebel, also another prospect that I have never herd of, well he is listed as the Tiger's 5th best prospect, maybe if I hold on to this he will turn out to be pretty good.

One of the prospect that I was wanting to pull and I did was this Bowman chrome Mark Appel. I don't much about him, but I guess this kid is suppose to be pretty good from what I have herd.

 I think if he do's good in the future we might see the Houston being a really good team with all of the young players that they have, and young guys that could come up.

 Last, but not lease I pulled the main base card that I wanted from Bowman was this Masahiro Tanaka RC card. I wanted this the most just because I knew if I wanted it for my set that it would be better to just pull it than pay $5 for it, and he is really good form what he has show us so far.

Well guys that all that I have to show you from my 2014 Bowman pickup. In my overall spending of $20 on these 3 hanger pack, I would have to say that this was my money well spent with what all I got.

Thanks for reading!

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