Monday, May 5, 2014

1965 Topps Bob Gibson

Hello everyone, Andrew here. I'm back with the last card to show off that I got from William. I know that you guys are probably tired of reading me talk about all these Cardinals cards that I get from William all the time, maybe sometime I will try to find something a little more interesting to read about and not just about all that William get's me, don't worry I will be posting about some 2014 Bowman that I got tomorrow.

Here it is, a very nice looking 1965 Topps Bob Gibson. This cards is very pretty, it is in ok condition the only problem is there is a crease in right corner, but I don't really care if my vintage has creases and paper damage, it's still vintage. This is like my 4th Bob Gibson to get now and I hope to get a lot more of him.

Thanks for reading!

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