Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mail From Dana Part 2 Allen Craig Relic and Matt Adams auto reilc

Hello everyone, Andrew here. Today I will be showing off to you guys the other two cards that I got from Dana in my package. These are personally my two favorite out of the whole package.

First off we have this beautiful looking 2014 Topps Tribute of Allen Craig green #D/25. I have to say this card scanned very well. The green definitely just pops off the card.

I have herd roomers of them maybe trying to trade him because of his bad knees. I hope not because I think that he will come back thew the season, but I guess we will see what happens. If they do end up trading him I hope they at lease get a decent player.

Last, but not lease is my favorite card of the whole package, and that would be this 2013 Topps Triple threads Matt Adams relic "Big City" auto #D/18. This bad boy scanned very well to this is exactly what the card looks like in person, I know pretty awesome right?

I want to give a HUGE thanks for Dana for the trade! I want you to know that these cards now have a great home. I couldn't have done a better trade than this.

Thanks for reading!

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