Tuesday, April 22, 2014

2013 Topps Allen and Ginter framed relic- Matt Holliday

Hello everyone, Andrew here. I just got done with a awesome Easter break. I had more candy than I could handle, anything candy near me I would eat without any hesitation.

Ok, so I'm back here with you guy today to show you another Matt Holliday relic card that I was able to add to my PC, for a very good deal.

I got this relic off of COMC, as usual. That shouldn't be a surprise to anyone because I tend to find awesome deals on there and get awesome cards for awesome prices. If you read a lot of my post you will see that I lot of the cards that I show off are from COMC.

Well, I was very happy to add another great Matt Holliday card into my collection, and for only the price of $1.10!

Thanks for reading!

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