Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Contest!!! Two 2013 Topps mini Pink's /25!!!

Hello everyone, Andrew here. Today I thought that I would try to put together a contest, since I have these two cards that I don't think that I was going to ever get rid of.

First off with the rules for it.

1. You must be a follower to my blog. Say that in the comments that you are already a follower or you just followed.

2. I want you to share this on your blog in some way. I want you to comment me a link to show me that you did it.

Ok so just two simple rules right there. When I see that you followed all the rules I will add your name on a list of people that have done it. THIS WILL END ON APRIL 30TH.

Here is the picture of the two cards that you are going to be trying to win.

Adam Dunn #12/25

Drew Storen #20/25


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