Monday, June 3, 2013

Two more Bowman blasters. Trade bait

Hey guys I decided that I liked the bowman so much that I went and bought two more blasters of it. I have a bunch of trade bait up from it. OK so here is all what I have for you guys,

BASE: 26,31,36,43,68,73,81,102,108,113,154,155,171,175,187,201,207,209

CHROMES PROSPECTS: 4,9,18,29,35,42,70,74,82,93,101,107

Yeah I got a bunch of stuff that I wont need so just email me saying what you want and what you will give me back.

Ok so that's all the trade bait that I have from Bowman. After opening all this I made a need list for the base set so if you guys could help me that would be awesome!

2013 Bowman Need: 1,2,7,8,10,12,15,18,19,20,23,24,27,28,29,35,37,38,40,41,44,46,50,52,56,57,63,65,70,71,79,80,81,82,83,84,85,88,91,95,98,103,104,105,106,107,110,112,114,115,117,118,119,120,122,123,124,125,126,


  1. I can use the Angels you pulled. I can send you 8, 24, 37, 40, 139, 146, 152, 164, 156, 180, 197.

  2. Oh, I also have a 2013 gold Lance Lynn, and 26 2012 Bowman for your wants. Any Angels appreciated.

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