Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bordom has hit me hard

Hey guys I have kinda been bored right now and I was wondering if any of you guys might be interested in doing a trade with me??? Well I am really bored and want to do a couple trades with people so hit me a email at and I will see what goodys I have to trade you guys. THANKS!


  1. By chance do you collect basketball cards? I am looking for someone who would want to do a blind trade for my 8 basketball hits (1 auto/7 relics with one graded) for 5 baseball or football hits. So someone who trades would actually get 3 more hits than they would give up. But just looking for someone into basketball cards. Let me know! Otherwise I will see if I can kick up a little trade, I know I got some new Holliday's.

    1. Yeah I don't really like basketball I am more just a baseball person but If we do a trade and are still wanting some football hits and if you might have some cardinals stuff we can do that because I have eight football hits all relics THANKS

  2. Hey Andrew! I bet I have some Holliday and Pujols cards for you. If you're interested, hit me up. My email is roxfantn17 at yahoo dot com.