Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hello everyone I know I haven't posted in forever I just haven't had the time well I have had the time I have just been playing 10 hours of Call of Duty. Well on with the cards I got some cards from my friend Weston over at he is a awesome friend and he usually gives me some cards ever time that I see him. I usually don't post about what he gives me but I thought that I would this time.

You guys should all go to Weston's blog and follow him and if you are someone that is looking for a trade Weston is the person that is really good a easy to do a trade with.

First off I got this 2010 Topps Diamond Stars. I think that this a pretty nice looking card and a new card that is going in my Albert Pujols Collection.

This here is the 2012 Toppps diecut. I think that there look pretty nice looking.
Here is just one of thouse starequest commons.
This here is a 2009 Upper Decck Spectrum Purple. I think that the purple looks really good on this card.
Herer is a super nice looking 2011playoffs Albert Pujols 2009 MVP.
Last but not lease is a 2012 Topps Matt Hooliday Gold numbered out of 2012. I really like that I got the gold off my list.

Thanks Weston for the great cards!

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