Sunday, March 31, 2013

Matt Holliday blue silver slate

Hello everyone I am doing a post on a blue silver slate that I think look pretty awesome. I got this card from Weston of which some of you know that we are best friends so we try to help each other with the hobby as much as we can. He saw that someone had this awesome card for trade so he traded for it and gave it to me so thank you Weston!

Yeah looks pretty awesome right? I mean I think that these silver slate blues are probably like those blue cards from 2011 that were numbered out of /60 I think? Well I loved those. Well I don't really have much more to say about this card but, I am looking in to maybe doing a rainbow this year for Matt Holliday I already have the gold and this silver slate blue. I'm pretty sure getting the Target red and Walmart blue shouldn't be to hard. Getting the black, pink and cameo cards are going to be a challenge but, who doesn't like a challenge?  Ok I know a lot of you probably like getting all of your cards and being done with it but, I know that I love challenges that is probably my Favorite part of this hobby. Well if any of you guys have a Matt Holliday that I said above just leave a comment and we will do a trade.    

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