Saturday, June 30, 2012

Got some nice cards

Hey guy I bought me some nice cards from Ryan of I bout the cards for a great price. I had been wanting a Aroldis Chapman Auto and Daniel Descalso autograph for some time now. I went to several blog to see if there was any thing that was good and when I got to his blog and look to see what he had the two cards that I had been wanting. I ask if we do a trade or something he said $25 for both and I could not let go of a great deal! So I will show you how cool this cards look.

 Here is one you other Cardinals fan know. Here I had a sweet looking Daniel Descalso autograph from 2011 bowman. It is a sticker auto but I don't really mind I just wish that they would sign all card on card.

Here I saved the best for last this is almost one of my favorite cards in my collection. This is a 2011 bowman chrome autograph of Aroldis Chapman! It is a refractor but you can't really tell in the scan. This card is number 81/500 with is not bad. this card is never going to leave my hands. Thank you Ryan love the cards!
Every one check out Ryan's blog at and you should follow and even might try to work out a trade with him he is a great guy!

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