Friday, July 6, 2012

#2 HOF Ball Monte Irvin!

Hey guy sorry I haven't posted I have been really lazy I have been trying to get stuff mailed out. I have mail out your stuff Ryan so you will get that the contest stuff may take awhile guys. I get all my money from grass cutting and over here it is so hot we have broken some records for my city since 1921 so what I am trying to say there is pretty much no grass to cut. This ball I got off of William for a fare price. I think this is a nice looking ball.

This is a really nice auto on this ball it is in blue ink which I really like them in. He put HOF-73 which is nice. When I got this ball off of William he told me it has had its miles. He told me he first sent it without money to see if he would sign it but he wouldn't so he had to send the fee then he finally got it back then I bought it so he sent it to me so it has about 3500 miles just from all of that!!! Well I hope you enjoyed! if you would like to check out Williams blog click link 


  1. Glad the ball found a good home. Maybe it can rest at your place for a while before racking up any more frequent flyer miles...