Friday, June 29, 2012

Mail from William

Hey guys I have got mail over the past weekend since I did the contest I could post about it and there is some really cool stuff I will have to show off. I am going to start a Matt Holliday PC and as you have probably already seen I have a Aroldis Chapman PC and a Albert Pujols PC you should be able to check out my PC's this Saturday to see them updated.Well on with the mail I got from William. William is a great guy he went to his local card shop and picked me up some nice cards for my PC and just my Cardinals collection.Go to Williams blog and check it out over at Here is what he got me

 The first card is a Stan Musial Sweet spot Classic that really like the looks to that card. Second card is another Lance Berkman jersey piece and the last card is a Albert Pujols Home run Legends 2012
 Here is a Lance Berkman Jersey piece from Donruss Studio 2003 Home Run Challenge.
I bought this card off of him for a good price it's a really nice card for my PC to start of with.
Thank for the great stuff William like always!! Like I said check out his blog at he is a great guy to know and a great guy to do trades with I want to say that if you go to his blog and go to his to trade you really need to email him and ask him if he has any cards that he might be willing to trade you because he has a nice collection of stuff that he takes to card show that he sells. Thanks!


  1. As always, you're welcome buddy. That Holliday auto/relic scanned really nice.

  2. Hey, you didn't have many spelling errors in this post. Also, nice cards!