Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mail from my buddy's Drew and William

I got some mail from William yesterday and some from Drew three days ago. I got to say William and Drew are some of the best people out there you should check out there blog's Drew blog is  and Williams blog is  I got some sweet stuff from them.

I got this nice auto from drew I traded some Yankees for it. He doesn't play for the Cardinals any more but I just thought it was a nice looking card. I want to say thanks for the great trade Drew and hope we can a lot more.

Here I got some mail from one of the best blogger ever William you should defiantly check out his blog he gave me some nice Cardinals that I love and one Chapman.

Here is the base cards of the HOF players I really like the looks to the Gypsy Queen and the Musial will a nice card to add to my Cardinals collection.

Here is some nice Heritage that I really like I love the 1963 looks to them. The Chapman is my Favorite card of all the base.

Here is one of the best thing in the mail that I got my first signed baseball of Jeff Salazar he played for Tampa Bay Rays and is the right fielder I think he was sent to Triple A not to long ago he is not the best player he only has a .228 ave but it still is my first and I hope I will get more in the future.

So you guys should defiantly check out Drew's blog and William's blog 


  1. I always enjoy trading with you and I'm glad you liked the stuff. I hope I can continue to hook you up with stuff that you will enjoy in your collection.

  2. Man Andrew, I thought you would post about Albert finally hitting a home run. :)