Saturday, May 12, 2012

Two old 50's from William.

Yesterday I got some mail from William He when to a shop in NC that has vintage card and he picked me up two the are not in perfect condition but still it is nice to have really old cards.I just want to say thanks for the cards William and that you take your time for me and to get these card for me! Ok I will go ahead and show you what the cards look like.

     I know it is beat up but it has a awesome look to it and it is the oldest card I have in my collection.
     It is a 1959 Topps Sam Jones he played for the Cardinals for 57-58 and in 63 ended his carer as a Oriole. He was 1959 NL TSN pitcher of the year.He pitched a no hitter in 59.I thought I would share these facts with you guys.

 Here is a 54 I think "Peanuts" Lowrey played for 13 years in the majors he doesn't have a good batting record he only had 37 home run in his life and 1,177 hits batting ave 273.  

You can go to Williams blog at he is a great guy!!!!


  1. I'm glad you liked them buddy. I picked you up a rough 1951 Bowman so when you get it, it will be your oldest card. I hope you like all the stuff I send man.

  2. I always love he stuff you send!