Friday, August 7, 2015

An autograph of the "Kid"

I'm starting to really liking the HOF stuff right now. It's going to be something that I'm going to start collecting on a regular basis. I thought while I was at the National it would be a perfect time for me to pick up a Ken Griffey Jr. auto for a decent price before he get introduced into the HOF soon.

I was able to pick my self up this 2006 Ovation Spotlight red ink auto. This was the only red ink auto that I saw the entire time I was at the National, I saw several others but with the blue ink. I'm not sure if this is a shorter printed version or what. 

I was able to pick this card up on Sunday, the last day of the National. Since it was the last day every one was trying to get ride of their stuff so I was able to talk him down from his listed price of $80 to $60. I think that I did good with the price on this card. I might have to look into it and see if the red version is any more rarer than the others.

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