Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Cuban Missile ebay Pickup

I sold some cards recently for a good chunk of money this last week. I decided that I'd go on ebay and see if I couldn't find a "steal". While I was searching Aroldis Chapman cards I found this 2014 National Treasures made in Cuba flag auto /25 with a price of $20 buy it now, let just say I had no trouble clicking that buy button. This card was actually that "steal" that I was looking for.

 I love the 2014 National Treasures even will Panini not having a MLB license. All the cards in the product just look so sharp. I have some more cards coming in from this products that should be in soon. 

What made this package even better was that there was a extra card included, which was this 2013 Topps Tier One relic /399. I already have this card, which is the only down side, but I'm not complaining I'd take this card anytime of the week!

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