Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Chrome auto for the set.

I looked up and found out that there is 148 auto's that I would have to get for this to complete the entire 2014 Bowman auto set with players like Kris Bryant, Carlos Correa, and Bryon Buxton I don't think that I will be completing anytime.

Right now I only have 13 autos from 2014 making that only 8% that I have done. More the most part there are still a ton auto there that I can pick up for around $1-$2. I'm mostly just doing this because I figured that in the long run it would be a good investment.

Some of these prospects could end up being something good and worth some money. Even though that a lot are late rounders doesn't mean much they could always end up being a John Smoltz who was drafted in the 22nd round, Ryan Sandberg in the 20th round, Orlando Hudson in the 43rd round, and Albert Pujols who was drafted in the 13th round. 

So on to the card, I got this card from my friend Weston and this is Dylan Unswarth who plays for the Mariners. He was signed as a free agent and hasn't been to hot in the minors having a 4+ ERA.

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