Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Wacha Wacha Auto!

Hello everyone, I sold around $35 worth of cards last week with some of those pulls that I posted abour last week and guess what I did with that money, save it?? Haha funny, no I bought more baseball cards! I put $25 cards on COMC already knowing what I was wanting to buy, that being the shown above 2011 Topps USA baseball triple relic auto /214.

The card was already already on sell for $12.80. That was a great price at that and I was going to buy it right there and then I noticed that that the seller had another one on sell for the same price so I though "why not go ahead and see if I can't get both" I offered $20 for the pair and wasn't really expecting him to except my offer, but to my surprise right as I entered my offer in it was excepted right away! BOOM! STEAL!

I don't know what I will end up do with my second one. I will probably end up trying to trade it to a fellow Cardinals fan that will appreciate it (aka Weston) or any other Cardinals bloggers.

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