Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hey look it's Heyward

Hey everyone, this is the last "chaser card" that I able to got off Instagram. The shown above card is a 2014 Topps Tier One Jason Heyward auto Patch #D/99. I still can't believe what I got for what I paid. I figured with what I paid and with how many cards that I got that I roughly paid about $2.50 per card! I know you guys are probably thinking HOW?!?! I'm thinking I HAVE NO IDEA, BUT WHO CARES?!?! I was stoked when I got this. Now that Jason plays with the Cardinals this will be going into my Cardinals PC.

I'm pretty excited to see how he will end up do on the Cardinals and I'm wondering if the Cardinals will end up trying to extend his contract before the end of the season. I think that they will at lease try but I don't think that they are willing to pay anymore than 150 million for 8 years if he has a good season. If he doesn't have that awesome season I think that they will extend his contract at the right price.

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