Wednesday, January 28, 2015

2014 Topps Supreme Paul Goldschmidt Jumbo Relic auto

Hello everybody, Andrew here. If you didn't know yet I recently decided to start a new player PC of Paul Goldschmidt, one reason being because all of my other PC's already so big that they are getting to a point where i'm not finding  much of their base, relics, and auto's for reasonable prices anymore, another reason is that Paul Goldschmidt is a great player is lot of time overlooked or underrated. I'm mean look at his 3 year career stats. .292/.381/.523

OK, back on to the card that I got. This will be my last post from my Comc package, OK so this is  2014 Topps Supreme Jumbo Relic auto #D /40. This is the first year that Supreme had been released to US where last year it was a Asia exclusive as a test to see how well it would sell well enough to be released to the US, as you may have guess it did well. This is a great looking card and is defiantly a great start to a new PC!

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