Friday, January 10, 2014

Shiny is something everyone likes

Hello everyone, Andrew here. I got my usual package in the mail yesterday from William. In the package that William sent me there were a good amount of cards that he has been saving up for me, he also gave me some card supplies which was super nice of him to do for me.

In the package I revived some nice cards for my player collections, and as the title says all my cards that I scanned were cards that were shiny. As a card collector I think that we all like those shiny cards.

First up is this 2013 Topps Finest Albert Pujols Refractor. I thought when the Finest was first shown off I didn't like it what so ever, and I thought that I never would like it. I was wrong because I really love the looks of these cards a LOT more than I thought that I would.

Here is another Finest card this Aroldis Chapman. You can't really tell from the scan, but this is the XFractor on these are sweet refractors, and shiny.

Last card that I scanned from the bunch of cards is this 2012 Bowman Chrome Green Refractor of Matt Holliday. I really love the greens from the bowman chrome. I think it will be a color that they will something put in just chrome. 

Well guys that's all I have to say about the cards, I want to say a big thanks to William for them!

Thanks for reading!

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