Friday, December 6, 2013

Comc Contest Drawing $50!!

Hello everyone, Andrew here. OK so this is the post that I said I would do about the store credit that I win. So last week was comc black Friday deals that they had. It was for each card that you got shipped on Friday or Saturday you got like two chances to be drawn. Well after all I got I ended up with have 155 chances of being pulled to win the money, which is not good what so ever because there were TONS of people out there with a 1,000 time they had their name in. They picked the names Monday so I clicked to see if I won and... no luck darn!

 Well the next day had come I had seen on face book that not very many people claimed there prize and they did a redraw so I'm like maybe this, click the link and I see Congratulations you have won $50.00!! The first thing I did was ran to the bathroom before I peed my pants. Then I went and skyped William why we decided what I should get. In the end I got a Pujols RC and two museum collection jumbo relics of Chapman and Holliday.