Thursday, December 5, 2013

2013 Topps Finest and A Bowman Silver Ice Aroldis Chapman

Hello everyone, Andrew here. I know that I have already shown you guys what I have gotten from comc, but I am going to be doing post on every card that I got. This week I'm going to show off my Chapmans that I got then I will show off my Matt Hollidays and Albert Pujols.

I actually did win some store credit off comc, but that is a post that I will do later

Fist is the Topps Finest Chapman

I really didn't think that I liked this years Fines, but I think that I'm growing to the design now that I can actually hold the card myself. The most reason I didn't think I wasn't going to like it was because it was a throw back style from the 1993.

This a silver ice this is his 2013 card. this card scanned pretty good I really love the looks of these cards,  and for especially how cheap I got it for!

Thanks for reading!

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