Saturday, November 23, 2013

Who is ready for COMC black friday?!?!?

Hello everyone Andrew here, I was just thinking how fast this yet is going bye for me. I was just think that Christmas is coming around the corner soon, but I don't want to worry about that yet we haven't got to Thanksgiving.

Well, COMC is having their yearly black Friday coming up and I'm getting really pumped for it. I have a watch list like 20 pages long. If you have never done this black Friday deal on COMC well they have some super awesome deals on there, and it is totally worth it to put $30+ dollars on there.

 I plan on getting a TON of cards on there for my friend as presents, but mostly me for my PC's I'm mostly looking for auto, relics, and #D parellels.

I want to know if you guys plan on doing this awesomeness on COMC, and if you guys are pumped for it. I know that I can't wait much longer for it.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm pretty excited. This will be my third Black Friday on COMC and while the free shipping is nice it's not as big of deal since they overhauled their shipping to a flat rate of $3, but I know they are encouraging their sellers to do promotions and sales as well so there should be tons of deals on there.

  2. Ive already set my page up for the Black Friday sale. Im hoping folks take advantage of the deep discounts I put on a lot of my items. I plan on getting a few cards for christmas presents.