Sunday, November 24, 2013

1st Annual COMC Black Friday Contset!!

Hello, Andrew here. I am going to try to make up a fun contest that you can do on COMC, please read below the rules to how to play.

You need $20 to put on your account. The goal is to see how many cards that you can get during the Black Friday sale, (which runs through the entire weekend), and highest book value from that $20. That is the basic way to play.  If you are using the Black Friday sale to buy cards for friends or fellow bloggers, that's ok.  I'm really just interested in the number of cards and total BV, so if you don't want to talk about the actual cards you got, that's ok.

Winner will win a prize of some sort. I'm not sure yet, but I contacted COMC, so maybe they will give out some store credit to the winner.  If not, I will try to think of something.  Mostly, I am just really curious to see just how much people can get with $20 on Black Friday.

So if you are interested in joning just comment below that you are.

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