Saturday, October 12, 2013

Whats in a hanger value pack of Bowman Chrome?

Hello everyone Andrew here, I bought me a  value pack of Bowman Chrome,the rack pack it's self cost $9 where you get 3 packs 3 cards per pack, and 1 pack of 3 greens refractors parallels (not numbered.)

Here is what the value pack looks like. OK now on with some of the good/ok cards that I got in it.

First off are some of the base cards that I got, I really like any set that they make into chrome. I think that it just makes it look a bit nicer, but yet it is a bit expensive to buy only getting 3 cards per pack. The three base that I chose to show are Yoenis Cespedes, Joes Altuve, and Allen Craig. I put Allen in there just because he is a Cardinals.

Next we have the greens that came in the value pack, you got 1 pack and 3 greens per pack. The three greens that I end up pulling were David Freese, Yovani Gallardo, and Cameron Gallagher. These are just not showing up as cool as they look in person, but these look pretty sweet!

 I think that I really lucked out with pulling a Cardinals with there only being three card, I'm glad it was Davis Fresse! The other two are for trade just comment if you are interested.

Last, but not lease is a Mariano Rivera purple #D /199! This card look a LOT better in person than what the scan can show. This was a really nice card to pull, and this card will be going to my friend Drew he is a Yankees fan so I know that he will really enjoy this card.

Thanks for reading!