Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Birthday Present From Weston

Hello everyone Andrew here, I got a good amount of cards from Weston from the blog He went ahead and gave me my present a little bit earlier than what my birthday really is, my birthday is on October the 18th, but I'm totally fine that he got me presents a little bit before my birthday, but here is what he got me the following stuff below.

First off he gave me this sweet TTM that I'm surprised that he got, I am really surprised that Matt Carpenter would do TTM's with how good of a regular season that he has. It could depend on when Weston sent the card tho. This was the BIG card that he got me and it looks pretty sweet to I won't let this card out of my hands.
 Last thing that I have to show you that I actually took the time to scan was this 2012 Bowman chrome Matt Adams X-fractor. I really like the looks of the X-fractors in Bowman chrome, I think that Matt Adams has became a good player and I'm glade to have got this card.

Thanks Weston for the cards, even tho that you already know that we you gave me the cards.

Thanks for reading!

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