Monday, April 8, 2013

GROUP BREAK 2031 Gypsy Queen Hobby Box Update need a lot more sign ups!

GROUP BREAK 2013 Gypsy Queen Hobby!

If you guys could please tell everyone about this mabey even post about this on your blog that would be awesome!
I am needing 7/15 more people if we are going to do this! Plus if this one do's good I plan on doing a bunch more group breaks! If you get these filled before Tuesday morning that would be awesome and, I will let you chose the  next box for the next group break. 
Hello everyone I am going to be doing my very first group break - I will be busting a 2013 Gypsy Queen Hobby box! This is going to be my very first group break so stay with me if I get a little confused I am going to try to make this a fun/awesome group break.
  • 24 Packs Per Box, 10 Cards Per Pack
  • (2) Autograph Cards and (2) Relic Cards Per Box!
  • (1) 10-Card Mini Box Per Hobby Box!
  • Look for Bat Barrels and Mini Button Cards!

    There are all of the awesome things that we are going to be pulling!
    I will be doing this group break on video for you so that you can enjoy and so that you are 100% sure that I am not keeping cards that are not mine.
    You will be able to get two team for the price of $12 first team of choice and your second team will be randomized at 

    I will be giving away the cards to you by what team uniform that they are in on the card.
    If I pull a card with two player of two diffident team I will put your teams on press it once and whoever team pops up get the card.
    I will need to get all spots filled up as soon as we can and pay before I buy the box.
    If there is a card worth the price over $100 I will send it through a special shipping and make sure that it gets to you safe.
    All cards will be shipped in first class mail.
    Last rule: lets have fun!

    I have Paypal and I will take payments mail to my address 

    My Paypal is and please when doing Paypal do as a gift so I don't have to pay a fee Thanks!

    My Address is 
    Andrew Carwile
    427 E. 9th street
    Mount Carmel IL, 62863

    • Arizona Diamondbacks
    • Atlanta Braves- Chunter
    • Baltimore Orioles- William Regenthal PAID
    • Boston Red Sox
    • Chicago Cubs
    • Chicago White Sox
    • Cincinnati Reds
    • Cleveland Indians- Ken Damond
    • Colorado Rockies
    • Detroit Tigers
    • Florida Marlins
    • Houston Astros
    • Kansas City Royals
    • Los Angeles Angels
    • Los Angeles Dodgers
    • Milwaukee Brewers
    • Minnesota Twins
    New York Mets- buckstorecards PAID
    • New York Yankees- NY Hitman 23 PAID
    • Oakland Athletics
    • Philadelphia Phillies
    • Pittsburgh Pirates- NY Hitman 23 PAID
    • San Diego Padres
    • San Francisco Giants
    • Seattle Mariners
    • St Louis Cardinals- Supperdupperman99
    • Tampa Bay Rays
    • Texas Rangers- J. Meeks PAID
    • Toronto Blue Jays
    • Washington Nationals- J. Meeks PAID
    Please note, for historical teams, if any, they will be matched up with their active franchise.  For example, if a Browns card is pulled, that would go toward the Orioles; Expos would go to Nationals.  Because more historical players (Killebrew, for example) played for the Senators that moved to Minnesota, that is the team the Senators would be paired with.  Instead of the Rangers.


    1. I sent payment for two paid teams (Rangers and Nationals). Let me know how the sign up is coming, if needed I could probably grab a couple more teams.

    2. I'll take the Cardinals and you can take then Reds like we were talking about and that would make one spot. I won't pay $12 though.

      1. Well I already took Cardinals

      2. never mind you will get the cardinals but if you don't want to pay the extra it will cost you $6 for them then