Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I got a cool TTM that only took 7 days! when I saw it I was like finely my first TTM! the TTM is of John "Mule" Miles! I sent him a index card and asked him to sign it he signed it and pulse added another one.He is the best he seems like a great guy he signs fast and has no problem signing anything. Next I will show the scans of the stuff that I got it looks pretty sweet!

 He is a documentary that tells about his life it says to Andrew and it says on the right hand side 2-June-2011.

I thought that this we pretty sweet that he was telling me to stay in school because it is cool. Thing is I don't like school it get boring a lot of time but I guess if I want to have a job i need to have school. That all thanks for looking at my blog!

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  1. Miles is an awesome signer. I'm glad you were able to get him.