Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Got TTM #2

Hey guys I just got my second TTM and it is from Virgil Trucks! I was hoping that I would get one today and when I went to get the mail I was glade that I got a TTM  I opened it on Skype to show William. Virgil Trucks is a great guy and if you guys have not sent to him you should because he is a great person and he signs really fast mine only took 8 days! I will show the scans of what he sent me.

I asked him two questions first I asked him. (Was it good playing back then?) He said (It was great. Because I got to play against some of the greatest players ever.

Second question I asked him was. (Who was the hardest person to pitch to back then?)  He answered (Ted Williams of Boston Red Soxs one of the greatest hitters ever)

Here is the index card that I asked hi to sign he put To- Andrew Best wishes Virgil"Fire"Trucks. he put the fire truck stamp and stamped 2-No hitters-1952 Washington-R.H.E. 5-15-52 and New York-R.H.E. 8-25-52.

And last the sweet card that he send to ever one that sends a TTM to him I love the looks of this card!

Thanks Mr.Trucks for the great stuff!!!