Thursday, March 1, 2012

Football cards to trade.

Hey is there any one out there that wants some football card for trade for baseball cards.
Here is what I have for trade.
1.Joique Bell Gridiron 2010 rookie # to 100.

2.Chris Ivory Gridiron 2010 rookie # to 250.

3.Brian Urlacher Gridiron 2010 # to 250.

Plus I have some jersey cards that I couldn't get a pic of.

1.Jerrel Jernigan Rookies and Stars 2011 jersey card # to 299.
2.Alex Green Rookies and Stars 2011 jersey card # to 299.
3.Titus Young Rookies and Stars 2011 jersey card # to 299.
4.Austin Pettis Absolute Memorabilia 2011 jersey card not numbered.
5.Jamie Harper  Absolute Memorabilia  2011 jersey card not numbered.
6.Damian Williams  Absolute Memorabilia 2010 jersey card # to 250.

That all to email me for trade go to