Monday, March 5, 2012


When I got home I went to look at the mail and I saw a package when I saw it right away I knew it was form William! Thanks William for the great mail!

All of the cards below are Cardinals and one Aroldis Chapman.

First he sent me some 2002 topps cards.Albert Pujols and St.Louis Cardinals team card.

Second he got me some Topps 2005 cards. Holliday and National League Home runs.
Here we have some Topps 2010 base cards.
Here is some cool Topps 2010 chrome.
Here is some topps 2011 cards there is about seven.
He gave me some Topps 2012 base.
And I saved the best for last!
1.SP Authentic Lance Berkman when he played for Astros.I like this card because I don't have a lot of him when he played for Astros.  

2. 2011 Bowman Chrome Tony Cruz RC.I like this card because I can't find much of him.

3.2011 Topps Diamond Matt Holliday All Star Game.I like this card because I could not get one Diamond of a Cardinals so thanks.I couldn't find the Diamond so this is a close as I am going to get.
4.2010 Topps Chrome Allen Graig RC.I like this card because I couldn't get his RC and now I have it.
20 2010 Topps Bowman Chrome RC LOt Allen...
5.2010 Topps chrome Jon Jay RC. I like this card because he is awesome!
Here come my Favorite.6.1771 Joe Torre. I like this card because I never had a card this old.I couldn't;t find a pitcher sorry.

Here is my Favorite out of all the card he sent me.7.2012 topps Gold Rush Aroldis Chapman! I like this card because it just looks awesome! and it will be great for my it is:)
looks awesome right?

Go to Williams blog at he is a great person!