Monday, December 15, 2014

First Christmas Present Of The Year

Hello everyone, I was able to open my very first Christmas present of the year from my very good friend Weston from the blog fantasticcatch. I'v know Weston since 5th grade and we have always gotten Christmas presents for each other since, but now that he has moved from where I live and lives 45 min away we went ahead and exchanged presents not knowing if we would be able to see each other next week or not.

The first card that I have to show off that I got from him is this 2013 Bowman Chrome blue wave refractor of Seth Maness. This card is so much more awesome in person than a scan of this card will over show.

Next, I got this 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Matt Holliday light blue relic #D/200. This will be a good addition to my Matt Holliday PC. I now have this relic and I already have the purple auto #D/5.

Last I got this 2013 Gypsy Queen Jon Jay relic. I was glade to add this with my Jon Jay auto that I just recently added to my Cardinals PC as well.

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