Saturday, November 29, 2014

2013 Bowman Retail auto challenge

So looks like I'm going to keep on posting. I have started this new project that I figured it would be something fun, easy, but yet still hard. I'm going to try to put together the 2013 Bowman retail auto set. There are 25 autos in the set and for the most part they don't run over $5 for any of them, but there are two that do.

There are two auto's in the set that are going to cost a lot are the Byron Buxton and Carlos Correa. Shown below is the list of all 25 of the auto, as you can see I have 9 marked out already, those are ones that I already have. If you guys have any that you would be willing to me you can contact me at my new email

BPA-AM Anthony Meo
BPA-AW Aaron West
BPA-BB Byron Buxton
BPA-BL Barret Loux
BPA-BR Ben Rowen
BPA-CC Carlos Correa
BPA-CK Carson Kelly
BPA-CW Collin Wiles
BPA-DP Dane Phillips
BPA-DS Danny Salazar
BPA-JB Josh Bowman
BPA-JC Ji-Man Choi
BPA-JCA Jamie Callahan
BPA-JG Jeff Gelalich
BPA-JH Jesse Hahn
BPA-KD Khris Davis
BPA-KM Kurtis Muller
BPA-LL Lenny Linsky
BPA-MM Matt Magill
BPA-MMQ Mike McQuillan
BPA-MW Max White
BPA-OC Orlando Calixte
BPA-TG Tyler Gonzales
BPA-TR Tanner Rahier
BPA-TS Tayler Scott

Thanks for reading!

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