Monday, October 27, 2014

1999 Topps Stadium Club Matt Holliday RC

Hello everyone, Andrew here. I picked up this 1999 Stadium Club RC of Matt Holliday for my PC for a really good price off of COMC. I think that I only paid 50 cents for it which in my opinion is a great price for his rookie card.

I'm finally done with my cross country season, which is very sad for me because I didn't do so good on my last meet of the year, but oh well there is always next year.So it looks like I might be able to start posting some more, but there is a chance that I may try to do wresting for the first time ever just to keep me in shape for when baseball comes up and keep me in shape for when I want to keep running 5k runs that come up and for next's years cross country season. 

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