Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mail from Dana

 Dana sent me a really nice stack of cards with some of the newer products out. One of the cards in the package was this really nice looking 2013 Topps Finest refractor auto of Carlos Martinez.

Carlos Martinez has show to be a pretty good young pitcher, although he hasn't done so good this year yet. He is only 22 year old and still has time to learn new things. I think that he will inventively work his was up to be in the starting rotation.

Next, I got this really nice looking 2013 Topps Finest green refractor of the Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright. I don't have to many #ed parallels of Adam Wainwright in my collection so this was a really nice add.

Last, but definitely not lease is this awesome 2014 Spring Fever Michael Wacha. First off this card scanned super well the color on the card really pops off. I really like the Spring fever cards I think that they look really neat every year.

Dos anyone know how you get these?

Thanks Dana for the awesome package! Really loved it!

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