Sunday, May 11, 2014

Panini vs Topps

Hello everyone, Andrew here. I was looking around at some cards and was thinking to myself, which is better Topps or Panini? I know that Topps has the MLB license and Panini doesn't, so that gives Topps a pretty big advantage. What if Panini did have their licence, would they perhaps be better?

I though I would show off some cards from Panini and Topps and tell you what I think.


I think that Panini does very well with coming up with designs with their cards. I think that they tend to be very creative and come up with new things that we have never seen before.

Shown below is a Cal Ripken Jr form 2013 Panini Cooperstown, some of the things that I like about the cards is that they are a pretty simple, but yet a very cool looking design. I also like how the set is all HOF players. The old looking pictures are very cool looking to as well.

One other product that I like that Panini makes is Panini Select. This is probably one of Panini's best looking cards that they make. I think that they would be a whole lot better if Panini had the MLB licence to have logos. Shown below is their 2013 Select of Yasiel Puig, and for only $3 a pack for such nice looking cards I say it's worth it.


One thing that a lot of people don't like Topps is because of their lack of design, mostly for their cheap base sets.

One of Topps's high end products is their Topps Tribute, yes they look beautiful but they tend to be way too expensive. This is a really pretty on card auto of Mark McGwire that I borrowed off the internet. 

One of my favorite looking cards from Topps out of all the cards they make is their Sterling. Topps Sterling is one of the most beautiful looking cards that you will every see. Below is an example 2009 Sterling Book card of Jimmie Foxx I borrowed this from Foulbunt

So after looking through all of the Panini and Topps cards I came to the conclusion that I like Topps more than Panini just for the fact that Topps had the MLB license, and for the fact that they haven't done too bad on their designs for the past two years.

I put a vote thing on the side of my blog for you to vote who you like better Panini or Topps? I encourage everyone to vote!

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