Monday, April 14, 2014

1955 Bowman Solly Hemus

Hello everyone Andrew here. I got a decent size package in the mail today that I got from COMC. About a week ago I got my money for playing there card challenges on there and ended up with a whole $12 to spend on any cards that I wanted to. I also had some extra money that I had on there because I didn't watch on how much money I spent and didn't have any left to ship the card. Luckily I had William to help me out on that.

In my package I bought 16 different vintage cards and 7 newer cards, most going to William. I will probably try to show off all the vintage cards that I got in different post and the newer stuff in one post.

Here it is the 1955 Bowman Solly Hemus. Hemus played short-stop, second base, and pinch hit.Career: 51 HR, .273 BA, and 273 RBI. He player with the St. Louis Cardinals for 9 year (1949-1955), 1956, 1959. From what baseball reference says he was only 5" 9". Hemus currently lives in Phoenix Arizona and is 90 years old.

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