Sunday, October 20, 2013

Group Break!!! 2013 Topps Update Jumbo!!!

Hello everyone, Andrew here I'm doing a box break and here is what we are going to do.

  • 10 packs per box, 50 cards per pack, 500 cards per box
  • (1) auto, (2) relics

For $10 you get one team of choice, and one that will be randomized and So for $10 you get two teams.

I will only take pay pal payments all those can go to please put as gift so it doesn't take the % off thing.

$10 pays for the shipping and the two team that you receive.

Just comment below the team that you want or you can e-mail me at

Now lets fill those spots up!

TEAMS- 5 Spots left!
  • •Arizona Diamondbacks 
    •Atlanta Braves 
    •Baltimore Orioles- William
    •Boston Red Sox- Scott 
    •Chicago White Sox 
    •Chicago Cubs 
    •Cinncinnati Reds 
    •Cleveland Indians
    •Colorado Rockies 
    •Detroit Tigers- BaseSetCalling 
    •Florida Marlins- Matthew Stevens
    •Houston Astros 
    •Kansas City Royals 
    •Los Angeles Angels- Jeff- (PAID) 
    •Los Angeles Dodgers- gcrl
    •Milwaukee Brewers 
    •Minnesota Twins 
    •New York Mets 
    •New York Yankees 
    •Oakland Athletics 
    •Philadelphia Phillies- Dan 
    •Pittsburgh Pirates- Nathen Bell 
    •San Diego Padres 
    •San Francisco Giants 
    •Seattle Mariners 
    •St. Louis Cardinals - Andrew Carwile (PAID)
    •Tampa Bay Rays 
    •Texas Rangers 
    •Toronto Blue Jays 
    •Washington Nationals- Judson Meeks (PAID)


  1. I'll take the Rangers. That way I don't have to buy another blaster.

  2. Ahh, missed the Update of the Update break. I'll take the Tigers...

  3. Nice blog. Found out about your blog and break from FoulBunt's pimp of your contest/break. Of course my two fave teams are already taken NatOs (Nationals + Orioles)

    Hard to pass up a $10 deal... debating about two teams that have an ex-Nationals player. OK give me the descendents of the Original Washington Senators.. The TWINS. Here is to some Josh Willingham Mojo.