Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Box is bought and on the way, but need some payments. 2 Spots left!!

Hello everyone, Andrew here I'm doing a box break and here is what we are going to do.

  • 10 packs per box, 50 cards per pack, 500 cards per box
  • (1) auto, (2) relics

For $10 you get one team of choice, and one that will be randomized and So for $10 you get two teams.

I will only take pay pal payments all those can go to please put as gift so it doesn't take the % off thing.

$10 pays for the shipping and the two team that you receive.

Just comment below the team that you want or you can e-mail me at

Now lets fill those spots up!

TEAMS- 3 Spots left!
  • •Arizona Diamondbacks 
    •Atlanta Braves 
    •Baltimore Orioles- William (PAID)
    •Boston Red Sox- Scott (PAID)
    •Chicago White Sox 
    •Chicago Cubs 
    •Cinncinnati Reds- Andrew Carwile (PAID) 
    •Cleveland Indians
    •Colorado Rockies 
    •Detroit Tigers- BaseSetCalling (PAID) 
    •Florida Marlins- Matthew Stevens (PAID)
    •Houston Astros 
    •Kansas City Royals 
    •Los Angeles Angels- Jeff- (PAID) 
    •Los Angeles Dodgers- gcrl (PAID)
    •Milwaukee Brewers 
    •Minnesota Twins- KaptKirk42 (PAID) 
    •New York Mets 
    •New York Yankees- Drew 
    •Oakland Athletics 
    •Philadelphia Phillies- Dan 
    •Pittsburgh Pirates- Nathen Bell (PAID)
    •San Diego Padres 
    •San Francisco Giants 
    •Seattle Mariners- The Junior Junky (PAID)
    •St. Louis Cardinals - Andrew Carwile (PAID)
    •Tampa Bay Rays 
    •Texas Rangers- Playattheplate (PAID) 
    •Toronto Blue Jays 
    •Washington Nationals- Judson Meeks (PAID)