Friday, August 9, 2013

First Look's At 2014 Topps Design! Likes And Dislikes

Hello Andrew here, I have some news's for you guys. Topps has just  released their 2014 design for baseball yesterday! I know what you are all thinking, "it's a little yearly for that" Well boys and girls yes it is ,but Topps felt that they have nothing better to do because that's Topps for you. Sometimes they release stuff really yearly and sometimes super late.

I have my like and dislikes about this design. I will go ahead and say what I think. First off white border, really Topps? I know that it look good with any design but I would think that you could at lease try to use a different color that go's along with the topic of the design. Well that is just my option it's not like Topps cares you guys might really like the white border.

I really don't think that it was very necessary for them to but the team name on the side like that. I really think that they should have put it under the team logo like the always have been doing. It just looks a little better but they probably did that because they don't have much more room down there.

Ok I'm done with what I don't like about it now let me tell you guys what I like about this design. First off I really do think that it has a really cool looking flow at the bottom if that means anything. I still like that they have there position on there and I really like the future stars thing on there I figger that would be for the players that are doing really good this year.

Well guys that is all of what I think about this 2014 design. I know that I didn't say much about it but I really don't have a super good opion or super bad opion on it. I want you guys to leave a comment on what you think about about it. Do you like it, hate it, or is just ok? My over all thought about this design is that it is a very interesting design and I think that I can will grow with it.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Topps has to use white borders. How else could they have 45 parallel designs?

    1. Yeah that is very true now that you say that. I was just thinking in 2008 they did black so why not like a light gold or something?

  2. I'd rather see full bleed cards. To me it's more about the photography than the design.

  3. I like design but I'm with Hackenbush in enjoying full bleed (i.e. borderless) cards too. I would totally collect a new Stadium Club set if they would do one.

    When they do another black border set someday, they can still do all the parallels. The premium /62 one will be ... the white parallel. You heard it here first.