Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Cardbord Habit Package- Judson Meeks

Hello everyone Andrew here, I got a pretty awesome trade package today from one awesome dude, and that would be Judson Meek's you can check out his blog. Click that follow button because he needs some more, plus he is a really good trader.

OK so as you guy's can all tell I loved this package that he sent me and when you read  below shows why I like it so much. So after seeing this package from him, I got to say you and William are the god's of trade packages! Yeah I know I might have over exaggerated.

First off is this 2013 Bowman Inception on card auto of Patrick Wisdom. There is nothing that I don't like about these cards I love the cloud design ,but what I really like is that it is a on card auto and not any of that sticker auto crap.

Second, I got this 2013 Bowman Inception auto of Stephen Piscotty. This guy looks like he has a lot of potential of making the majors for the Cardinals, but right now he's still stuck in AA ball.
Other than these two Inception auto's Judson sent me a crap load of 2013 Bowman base and was a lot more than what I was expecting. I am super close to getting that done because of him, so if you have any of them that I need it would appreciated if you could send me a email I could try to work out a trade for them.

I just want to say thanks a lot Judson for that awesome trade package, and I hope to do another trade with you again!

Thanks for reading!

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