Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fantastic Cards from Fantasticcatch

Hello everyone Andrew here, I got some sweet cards a couple days ago when I went to my friends house. He had just got back home from being gone to see his grandma and had came home to have a tun of mail. He wanted me to come over to help him go threw it all and, just to see all what he got when he was gone. So he had got a hug box filled of sweet cards all pretty much 2007-2013 so we went threw all that and I was able to get me a couple awesome cards out of it.

I just got a bunch of 2013 since I need a bunch of that. He also had some regular packages which he seems to always have a Matt Holliday or Pujols for me. Ok so on with the cards that I was able to get while there. 
First off I will start with this 2011 Diamond Stars that somehow I didn't have. I love these sparkly cards of coolness.

2012 Topps Batting Average Leaders NL Gold #/2012

 A pretty sweet looking 2012 Gypsy Queen gold border love the Gypsy Queen border cards.

            This was a sweet find in the big box a 2012 Gypsy Queen mini Straight cut back!

This was the best find in that box a 2011 Allen and Ginter box topper!

Thanks Weston for all the awesome cards I know that these are going to help my collection a lot! You guys should all go to his blog and trade with him I know that he will and you should just check out his blog.

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