Monday, July 29, 2013

Contest! Silver Version

Contest! Silver Version

Hello everyone Andrew here and I am going to be doing a contest to day. In this contest there are going to be autographs that you are going to have to guess, there will be three rounds bronze, silver, and gold with gold being the hardest round. If you missed the bronze round just click this link
All guesses MUST be sent to my email
You must be a follower of my blog to participate. (In the email tell me if you are a follower or just followed)
You must share this on your blog in some way or form (like having a link on the side)
There will be 10 auto's for each round you will try to guess as many right as you can and end the end you guy with the most guesses right gets fist next guy second and last guy third.
You can only change your guesses ONCE.
Last rule lets have fun!

The people that end up in first second or third will be getting a stack of cards of their there favorite team.
If the winners are wanting the same team say the third and first are both wanting the Orioles for example the first place guy would get that team with him having the most guesses right.

Ok now on with the conteset now that you know all the rules and what the prize is



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