Sunday, June 16, 2013

Really That's A Auto?!?!

Hello I know that I'm writing this a little late but, I was just looking around on Ebay and found the worst autograph ever. I was looking up 2013 Bowman autographs when this ugly auto came staring at me ugggly.

Ok so man really did you try on making a auto I mean what letter is that suppose to be a z? I think it's suppose to be a really crappy L. I would cry if one day this guy becomes supper good and this auto runs $100 I think the world might as well die but, really why would anyone want their auto to look like this just tells me that they probable put a TON of effort in this AWESOME auto.

1 comment:

  1. Could you imagine me being able to identify that auto if it were on that old baseball I got? I would have never been able to tell who it was. Nowadays, too many players have illegible autos. It's a shame, really.